tina the truck apk


Would you miss the world of Tina the truck?
A world where illusion and experimentation are linked to the fun of the little ones.
Make your child enjoy and learn in a freedom world.


- Play with the fish that are in the Fish Tank lake.
- Construct hundred of wooden studs forms
- Play petanque
- Create words and move numbers in a huge Eva Floor
- Create a musical tower as high as you can
- Go back to your childhood and visit the dolphyn cascade
- Enjoy with all the toys that are in the grass.
- Enjoy looking hoy the truck comes and discover the little animals that are around you.
- Multiply your toys pushing them fast.
- Play Puzzles and make riddles with your children.
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Name Tina The Truck
Size 12.49 MB
Version 0.0.11
Uploaded 06-09-2018
Author Palani
Supported Android 7.0+
File Format Apk/Installable
Price ₹150 FREE